Let us Find a Buyer for Your Business!
Our #1 Concern is Confidentiality; we keep the sale of your business confidential by advertising it generically by type and location.
Confidentiality is important! You don't want your employees, suppliers and customers getting nervous over the sale of your business. We screen all prospective buyers before we release your information to them. We check the financial viability of all prospective buyers and have them sign a Non-disclosure agreement to assure confidentiality.
This will save you thousands in attorney's fees and will streamline the process getting the transaction done faster. We will also provide our office for the closing for free! One of the benefits of using Esquire Business Brokers is that the owner Douglas Whalen is an attorney and can provide these documents without violating Pennsylvania's unauthorized practice of law statute. We can also answer all your legal questions for free. Please view our DISCLAIMER regarding any free legal advice or the receipt of any legal documents provided by us.
The Process for Sellers:
1. Call us to setup an appointment and to talk about the sale of your business.
2. We will evaluate your business to determine your cash flow and to determine a selling price.
3. Once you have decided to use our services we will have you sign an exclusive listing agreement.
4. We will then put together a marketing package that we will use to distribute to potential buyers.
5. We will then market your business through several different media, including but not limited, the internet, the paper, trade magazines and our own buyer database.
6. Prospective buyers will then contact us for more information and we will screen them buy having them fill out a detailed buyer questionnaire and having them present a financial statement. We will also have them sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.
7. Once we have a qualified buyer, we will then have an initial buyer/seller meeting, usually at your place of business.
8. At the end of the buyer/seller meeting we will ask the buyer to sign a conditional offer on your business.
9. If the buyer puts in a conditional offer, we will then take it back to you and initiate the negotiating process.
10. We will work with both parties until an agreement on price is met.
11. We will then work with both parties through the due diligence period where the buyer investigates the financials of the business to make sure the represented cash flows are accurate.
12. After the due diligence period we will provide the final Asset Purchase Agreement and any other documents needed to complete the deal a week before closing. Please view our DISCLAIMER regarding any free legal advice or the receipt of any legal documents provided by us.
13. Everyone will then meet at our office to close where all the documents will be signed and you will walk away with a check.
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